We typically show up during the 'getting ready' process. Julie takes on the girls. She spends time getting clips of details while also checking in on the bride and bridesmaids while they're getting ready. Meanwhile, Chris usually starts off getting drone shots and venue details before joining the guys. We're basically your BFF's all day long, up until your exit. We're kinda like an extra limb, and if you ever need help with anything else, we're there.  

What does a wedding day look like?

Currently, we offer the 1 or 2 song highlight. We stick with this because it's the version of 'wedding video' that we feel attracted to the most. It's what we feel we're best at and we want to create work we love. HOWEVER! You can always purchase a ceremony edit or raw footage add-on!

do you offer longer videos with the full ceremony?

The raw footage is every. single. clip that we filmed on your wedding day. We compile it into a video so you can just watch it all the way through. Our highlights are put to music, but with the raw video, you'll also be hearing the raw audio as well! If you are contemplating getting raw footage, it's best for us to know prior to your wedding day because we typically only film what's necessary. If you let us know you want the RAW, we're sure to film as much as we can as well as getting full ceremony with as few cuts as possible, along with full speeches, and tend to film longer clips for you to look back on. Raw footage is unedited & intended to stay that way, for private use only. 

what exactly is 'raw' footage?

Typically, we finish wedding videos around 90 days after your video was filmed. We both work full time jobs, and need to live a little in between so just bear with us! If you creep us on the IG and we're posting our adventures, it doesnt mean we're ignoring your video.. it's just how we stay inspired, because we work a lot! Your wedding video is something that will last a lifetime so we feel no need to rush on it. Could it be done sooner than 90 days though? Oh, it's quite possible! Every time we sit down to edit, it's different. We have to sift through hours of footage to find the gold, add color corrections, cut it to music.. There's a lot more to it that dragging, dropping, and cutting. If we're in a creative mood, things go smooth, but if we're exhausted and overworked, it's hard to get the best results. We'll be honest here, if we get multiple messages about the status of the video, it just adds stress. We promise we'll have it done within the 90 days, so please be patient!   

when will my highlight video be ready?

can you edit my video to that song off the radio?

So we can't just throw your video together to ANY song. We wanna make sure that once your video gets posted, that it never comes down! Especially due to a copyright issue! We learned this the hard way during our beginner days.. We currently have a membership to FyrFly.com. There's a lot of mainstream choices + so much more. If you really can't find a song you love on there, we have a few other websites you can browse but an additional fee of around $50 may apply.  Keep in mind that your wedding song sets the entire tone for your video!

If you pick a slow song, it'll more than likely have longer clips with a cleaner feel.. If it's upbeat we tend to get more creative with it. Let us know if you need help with picking a song! We also ask that your songs/song choice is finalized on or prior to your wedding day so, in case we're ready to edit ASAP, we can get right to it!  

let's chat

We don't require early snacks or lunch in the middle of the day, but we won't turn it away either! We usually pick up food on the way to your wedding and it usually ties us over until dinner. STORY TIME! It's rare that this occurs, and we've had friends and other vendors tell us wild things but, something crazy finally happened to us. We were told we could NOT have bread. One of us does not eat meat, and you can probably guess who *cough* julie *cough*. During long days, we're still on our toes waiting for the next special moment to happen. HECK, THEY'RE ALL SPECIAL MOMENTS! So it's nice to be able to pick up a piece of bread and nibble on it as we're running around. It might come off as informal, but we're giving it ALL WE 

when do you guys eat on a wedding day? 

GOT, all day long, working hard for YOU! As most vendors are.. So we definitely feel that we're just as important and key as your bridal party. We politely require that we have the same choices that your friends and family do, and yes ;) it's in our contract now. 

do you guys do other projects besides weddings? 

Heck yes we do! We always get inquiries for little random projects here and there, and we're always down to change things up! Just shoot us a message on what you're thinking, and we'll get back with ya ASAP! 

Photo courtesy of Katie Edwards

how exactly do i get my video?

All videos are uploaded to Youtube or WedFlow. They're never made public until they're approved by you! We start by sending you a private link, that only you have access to. Once received, you'll have time to watch and review. We want you to love every single moment of it! So, if you hate that face you're making after your hug Uncle Joe and Aunt Martha, then let's get that outta there! And if Marthas bestie is wearing that sequin dress you told her to leave at home, let's get that outta there! We will make as many changes as you need and allow up to 3 revisions on your video. Additional fees may apply after 3 revisions. Once you approve of your video we make it public and share it to our facebook page! If you don't mind sharing the video from our page as well, that would be RAD! You will have the ability to directly download your video from Vimeo or we can send you a link to download from. 

                          GOT, all day long, working hard for YOU! As most vendors are.. So we definitely feel that we're just as important and key as your bridal party. We politely require that we have the same choices that your friends and family do, and yes ;) it's in our contract now. 

do you guys work well with photographers?

Indeed we do! 
We feel as though there's definitely an etiquette to follow when working alongside photographers. We always introduce ourselves first thing when we see them on the wedding day. One of the most important parts is just knowing where each other will be during crucial moments like the ceremony or the exit.  Another thing that's a golden rule to us is that we make every effort to make sure the photographer is there during your important moments, just as we would hope they would do for us. If your about to see your boo for the first time and the photog got taken away by Uncle Joe, we're sure to pause that moment to go get them. When photographers go that extra mile to let us know if something big is about happen, that's when they really gain our respect!